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Bullet & Shaolin - Smalltown Livin' Big City Game

1. Small Town Livin' (Big City Game)
2. U Ain't Done Shit
3. Let Me Ride (Feat. Mad Ro)
4. Eastside Riderz (Feat. Jazz, KayKay & Arjay)
5. Tonight (Feat. Arjay)
6. UR Bad
7. For The World (Feat. Jazz)
8. What I'm Lookin For (Feat. Jay Tee of N2Deep/Latino Velvet)
9. My Folks
10. I Want You (Feat. KayKay)
11. For So Long (Feat. Arjay)
12. Soakin' Up My Game (Feat. Jay Tee of N2Deep)
13. I'm All That I Got
14. This One Time (Feat. Arjay)
15. Til' The Sun Goes Down (Feat. Nuke Bomb & Arjay)
16. Round And Round (Feat. Arjay)
17. I Can't Smile