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Raekwon Presents Icewater* – Polluted Water

1. Stumik, Polite, D.C., P.C. – Animal
2. Polite, Stumik – Do It Big Ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon
3. Polite, Stumik, P.C., Cigar – Actin' Fly
4. Stumik, Polite, P.C., Cigar– Icewater (We Still Runnin')
5. Stumik, Cigar, Polite, P.C.– Hip-Hop Tribute Ft. Raekwon, Rhyme Recca
6. Stumik, P.C., D.C. – Love Don't Cost (A Thing) Ft. Method Man
7. Polite, P.C., D.C. – Let's Get It
Engineer – Q. Fickling Ft. DJ Paul, Raekwon
8. D.C., P.C. – Click Click Ft. Raekwon
9. Polite, Stumik, P.C., Cigar – Mercy Me Ft. Flo Brown
10. P.C., Polite, D.C., Cigar– Gangsta Ft. Flo Brown
11. Polite, D.C., P.C. – I'm A Boss Ft.Raekwon, Rick Ross
12. D.C., Polite – Knuckle Up Ft. Hands, Pimp C, Raekwon
13. P.C., Polite, Stumik – Murda Ft. Hands
14. D.C., P.C. – All Night Ft. Jagged Edge
15. Polite, Stumik, P.C., Cigar – Move Ft. Hands
16. P.C., Polite – Tell Me How You Like It Ft. Raekwon, Remy Martin
17. Polite – Baby Love Me Ft. Flo Brown